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About Me

Artist's Statement

           Kathy Mazur, a visual artist who expresses her works in acrylics, watercolors and soft

pastels, is strongly committed to the notion that the power of art lies in its ability to illuminate

the life of community.

            Art can awaken our senses and sensibilities.

            Art is critical to the unveiling of societal issues whether they be problematic or inspiring.


            Art can reflect the full spectrum of beauty.


            Art is transformative.


            Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Kathy enjoys dividing her time between the mountains of East Tennessee, the beaches of Sanibel Island and the prairies of South Central



             She has a passion for the outdoors and is an avid hiker in our national, state, and local parks. Much of her art is an expression of her many adventures, which includes birding, and is conveyed to the observer through the media of landscapes, abstract expressionism, florals,  portraits and photography.

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Kathy Mazur has a unique ability to combine her passion for art and nature with her desire to make the world a better place. Her creativity, open heart and generous spirit have enhanced the Jewish Social Services Chaplaincy program in immeasurable ways.


I feel lucky to have her as a partner in the work of easing the burden of life’s hardships for people in our community.


Rabbi Renee Bauer

Director of Chaplaincy and Outreach

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